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In Embedded Software Development Memory Leaks, Heap Memory usage induced Performance Problems along with classical performance are increasing. Increasing code complexity and short time to market are the main reasons. Over the last couple of years the semiconductorxe industry gave us very powerful controllers, which combined high computing potential which a rich set of peripheral interfaces and low power consumption. We are facing higher and higher demand for complex apllications and we can provide it. Car Navigation systems, Infotainment, driver assistance functions, network routers, cryptographic devices. We could list hundereds of products. These applications call for sophisticated code usually written in C or C++ typically deployed on embedded Linux, Android, QNX or other Unix systems. The days of small firmware programs with a buch of lines written in C are over. Dynamic Memory allocation, Polymorphism and other object oriented concepts are now used in embedded systems development as well. So all of a sudden we face problems like memory leaks or heap fragmentation. We need to measure the overhead of memory allocators etc. Contrary to host development embedded development suffers from lower system resources in the deployment phase but also in the development phase. We have to use debugging tools which offer debugging without being resource hungry.

This is where we can help you with Invader -- a Lightweigth Heap Memory Debugger and a Next Generation Profiler.

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