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Invader - Lightweight Memory Leak Debugger and Profiler

Reduce Complexity - Use case based analysis

Embedded systems are very time critical in the startup phase. Many debuggers are too heavy, so the application never starts up with debugging enabled, because a watch dog detects a hang and the application stays in a in infinite loop of resets.

Invader can hook on to your application, allowing it to start up ok, but Invaer remains passiv . When you realize, that your use case in on, you can switch the analysis on and off exactly at the time you need it. Invader keeps the data in a separate space until you fetch it. When you request the result of the analysis it is sent to the host application ( GUI ) where you process it offline. You can store the results in a file if you want to keep for your records.

We found out, that this is the only way to analyze a high level application like a car navigation system.

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