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Industry Performance Optimization

  • Make your software useable for the client
  • Dynamic Program Analysis
  • Improve performance, Hot Spot Analysis
  • Deliver measurable results.
  • Stability analysis, Static code analysis, Heap Debugging
  • Analyse and detect overhead
  • Static Code Analysis, MISRA, LINT
  • Improve software build process
International Software Architecture and Development

  • Embedded Linux and Anroid Software Architecture
  • Technical Consultant
  • Performance Architecture
  • System Programming on Unix Systems
  • Embedded Linux, Sndroid, QNX, Integrity, VxWorks, AUTOSAR
  • Firmware Development
  • Using next generation performance analysis tools and knowledge to get results fast
  • Quality Coding
Roles Teamwork

  • International professional experience aquired in several countries and continents.
  • Team Lead
  • Trouble Shooting - Living in a Task Force
  • Liase with Clients
  • Automotive Industry,Car Infotainment, ECU Development, Telecommunications Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Military and Defense, Toll Collection
  • Coaching

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